The season 2014 was a hard season for everyone. Al together we win 3 x 1 prize in our amalgation. SOM. Also we became 2nd General Champion. In the strong Fondclub Parkstad (183 members) we als became 2nd General Champion. In the CC Blauw we laso finished as 2nd General Champion. And in the very big competishion CC Heuvelland we finished as 3rd General Champion and by doing this we beat very strong National top players like Lindelauf and Son, J+F Henriks and Jean Hornesch! Our Toppigeon The Highlander wins 11 prize cards amongst others 5th place from Bourges against more than 9000 pigeons achieving his 2nd Teletext notation! At the extreme long distance we win 112th Nationaal Barcelona against more than 5000 pigeons!