Not everybody grants another person his success in the Pigeon Competitions this became clear to us in the night of January 23rd to January 24th, 2005.

At 04.20 a.m. our Pigeon Loft that was just one year old at that time was set on fire. The Loft, 120 pigeons and the complete content burned down to the bottom.

Immediately after this happened the rumors about the origin of the fire start spreading. It’s your own fault, short-circuit said the other and another told the story of burglary and theft.

The “fire” became a topic on National Television with TV. Broadcasts: Hart van Nederland on SBS 6 and the Journal of L1 TV, Also the writing press made avid use of the situation with articles in the “Telegraaf”, “AD” and the “Volkskrant”.

The Fire Insurance hired an acknowledged detective to finally investigate and sort out what really caused the fire. After 2 days of intensive research they came to the following conclusion:

On this ground the fact that they found signs of burglary and fire accelerating products we can irrefutable ascertain that it was burglary by third party. On basis of an accurate count of the dead bodies we can come to the conclusion that 50 pigeons were stolen before the fire was lit.

The NPO (Dutch Pigeons Organization) promised us to start their own investigation. But unfortunately we never heard anything from them again.

Since the Police didn’t set-up an investigation because this was not related to a sexual offence or violation crime, we can’t do anything else than leave it this way.

About 3 weeks after the fire one of our Cock’s that had been away for more than a year returned to the new Loft. His name is “BLUE DEVIL” a full son of our “BLUE DREAMPAIR”. With him we try to “rebuild” and maintain a part of our former and famous bloodlines to breed our new blood strain.

The logo on our new breeding certificates and the design of the website are the only remainders of this terrible fire and remind us in a symbolic way.