When we decided in 2004 to build a complete new loft as a replacement for the old lofts in which we played our pigeons fantastic for years in a row we never could have guessed that almost a year later we would have to build another one because this one was completely destroyed by the Fire!

Some people thought we were mad to destroy the lofts on which we were playing so well. Most of the people thought we wouldn’t be very meaningful in the overall competition in the coming years due to the new loft. Despite this we became 2nd General Champion of the SOM and we also won the 1st price National NPO Sezanne.

The loft is delivered and built by the firm “Buitenhuis” from Elburg (NL) and with the help of several good friends we were able to complete it in 2 days.

The whole loft is about 18 metres long and built in an L-Shape. Basic material is CANEXEL which consist of wood fibres pressed with synthetic resin.

In the loft we have 3 departments with each 12 widower cabins. 1 department is meant for the long distance pigeons and the other 2 for the racing pigeons. We also have 2 departments for the youngsters, 1 department has 30 sitting cabins and in the other department we also have 30 sitting cabins but they can easily be adjusted into 15 breeding cabins.

Further more we have the breeding department with 12 breeding cabins. This department is adjusted with a shutter that gives them the opportunity to enter the aviary of 2 x 2 metres which means that they always have an open loft.

At the intersection point of the 2 longlegs there is a hall in which we housed 2 departments of hens. This fortunately provides us with the possibility to play the hens.

All departments are supplied with floor heating and electric lights. All the windows are supplied for ¼ with double wind-break wire-nettings so that we can speak of an open loft all year round. After the burglary in 2005 all departments are supplied with burglary – and fire alarm.

A very important change is that we use OVH roofing tiles instead of the RBB-tiles we used before this because it will provide more fresh air in the loft. We can also adjust the quantity of fresh air in the departments with pushes in the ceiling.

In short the loft is adjusted with very many options but if it will bring us the success of the old lofts only time can tell……!