After the terrible fire of January 2005 by which 50 pigeons were stolen en the other 120 burned alive we had to start all over again.

We decided to start and build a completely new loft as soon as possible with the assistance of the firm “Buitenhuis” we managed to set-up the new loft within 3-4 weeks after the fire.

Straight after that we managed to populate the lofts with youngsters.

These were bought at various top players from the Netherlands and abroad.

Furthermore we got pigeons from our own breed from pigeon friends to whom we either sold, gave away or borrowed some of our best pigeons.

We bought new pigeons from Marcel Sangers from Zutphen, Jos de Ridder from Asperen and from Vos-Jennes from the Belgium Diest. We bought at each of these lofts 10 youngsters and from Piet de Vogel from Oude Tongen we bought 10 long distance youngsters from his best breeding birds.

From Jan-Jaap Bolier from Scherpenisse we obtained a full son and a half brother of his “Witte Tornado”.

From Leen van Horssen from Hellouw we became several beautiful Steketees.

At Fons van Ophuizen at last we bought 5 young pigeons among them a grand child of the world famous “RAMBO”.

After all we got some pigeons from local favourites: Sjaak Reulen, Piet Hoekstra, Mien Vek, Gunther Wissenburg and Mai Thomas from Landgraaf.

Henk Quix from Sittard, Jan deLiege from Vijlen and Men Baadjou from Kerkrade.

These entire group of youngsters were descendants with much or pure blood from our own blood strains in their veins.

Unfortunately it was very hard to keep so many young pigeons from so many different lofts healthy.

It was an almost impossible task.

Of course nobody is to blame for this but during the year we had to survive many health problems.

That’s why we decided to change our strategy and we bought some grown up breeders.

Again we decided to buy only by the very best.

In our Breeding Loft we now have the following pigeons:

“MRS. MONEYPENNY’’ a pure daughter from MR BOND from H. Eijerkamp.

Who flew a.o. a first prize National Bourges.

‘’WHZB’’ a pure daughter from the Best MIDFOND PIGEON from WHZB in 2000 from W. vd. Pol from Goirle with a.o. a first prize CREIL against 8282 pigeons and a first prize MORLINCOURT against 5878 pigeons.

‘’SCHUWE LAMMERT’’ a full brother from the world famous “LAMMERT” from Cor Leijtens, first Dutch “Olympiade” pigeon from South Africa 2001.

“MONTY JUNIOR” a full son of the MONTY BOY from Piet de Vogel who flew 6 times with the first 68 of the national overnight flights.

“N.O.O.K.” a full daughter of the “STERKE BARCELONA” from A. van Haaren via First Price Pigeons.

“THIJS” a full son of the “BLAUWE CRACK” from Peter van de Merwe from Dordrecht.

“MYRKA” a full daughter of the “BLACK 872” from Peter van de Merwe from Dordrecht.

“BLUE DEVIL” and “BLUE VELVET” a full son and daughter from our own “BLUE DREAMPAIR”

4 hens from a very short blood line from “Silver Shadow from H. Eijerkamp (Zutphen)

“DESTINYS CHILD” a granddaughter from the world famous “KLEINE DIRK” from G. Koopmans via the Comb. Van Andel

A grandson of “DE ZITTER” a grandson of “LOWIEKE” a grandson of “DEN 231” and a grandson of the world famous “KANIBAAL” complete at this moment our breeding loft and have to lay the foundation for our future “success”!