Till the fire at the beginning of 2005 we possessed a strain pigeons that achieved the best results under any weather condition and on each program part of the racing program except the overnight races.
The real start of the blood strain began in 1968 when we bought 10 pure bread pigeons from the world famous Louis van Loon from Poppel (Belgium).
The next important step was made at the time that son Bert went to Kaatsheuvel as compulsory military. He bought a hen from the at that moment very famous Henk van Boxtel for an amount of 250 Dutch Guilders. For that time an enormous amount.
This hen was paired to the “362” ring: 1977-168362 at that time our best racing pigeon with 13 prizes during the season. This turned out to be the golden hit.
Till the fire in 2005 this blood was flowing through almost all the veins from the pigeons we had the blood strain of our first basic breeding pair.
In 1985 buying 5 pure bread pigeons from the Combination Van de Hoven – Uyterhoeven from the Belgium Putte, has done the last important purchase.
This combination gave the ultimate best breeding pair from our loft we ever processed: The “BLUE DREAMPAIR”.
This pair was set-up from “VLEKJE” a magnificent flyer and later on a very good breeder and the “BLUE PEARL” which we bought as an egg from Manfred Georges from Landgraaf with in its veins mainly KLAK-blood.
This specific breeding pair produced 8 different first prizewinners in amalgation and besides that this breeding pair was the grandfather and grandmother of first prizewinner National Orleans Young Pigeons (youngsters) from Jan de Liege from Vijlen.
A full brother of “VLEKJE” named the “004” gave together with his hen the perhaps best racing pigeon we ever possessed namely “RED DEVIL” who flew 19 prizes in one year, 3 times a first prize in amalgation and ended as third in the “Limburgse Asduiven parade” set-up by Huub Willemsen from Tegelen.
A full brother from “RED DEVIL” namely “RED FLASH” flew a first prize National NPO Mont Lucon!
Unfortunately it seemed that these pigeons were not only interesting for us but obviously for other people as well! That’s why our amazing composition came to an end in 2005 in a very brute and violent way.
A composition of amazing pigeons on which we had build for more than 30 years……!